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Tom Dean

Tom Dean


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What is your vision for the business?

We’ve worked hard on shaping our vision but it’s actually quite simple: We want to continue to be the very best in our field. I also believe that beyond the corporate world, businesses like ours should work more closely with local and international charities, and aim to impact our communities positively; which is exactly what we are doing.

After 10 years in the business, what makes you tick in the office?

My main priority is to attract and train the best consultants in the industry. I constantly work to create an environment where our brilliant staff, candidates and clients can be themselves, and thrive. Seeing our employees develop and succeed is what makes me go home happy. Having said that, what kind of CEO would I be if a well-measured sale didn’t get me going? 

What do you try to provide for your employees?

The culture and the working environment at Farsight is something I am acutely aware of, and very proud of.  I stand alongside my company values, and insist on a culture in the workplace that is always upfront and honest. Everyone is treated with respect. We actively encourage the team to contribute to a consistent evolution of our business processes; with customer experience being the litmus test for all change.

Tell us something else that's interesting about yourself

I’m a passionate traveller and I believe firmly in satisfying my extrinsic values in order the get the most from life. I take time to help with charities and explore the world. By all means, work should bring you happiness. It shouldn’t, however, be the only thing that brings you happiness.  


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