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Pip Gorringe

Pip Gorringe

Marketing Manager

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What do you like about the industry?

It is completely different to anywhere I've worked before. I didn't realise that a small company could be so busy! I am still getting to grips with the industry but love everything I've learnt so far.

Why did you choose Farsight?

When I first sat down at my interview I was pleasantly surprised at how up front and honest Tom Dean was about the role and the values at the core of what Farsight stand for. We seemed to bounce ideas off each other really well and within moments it felt like I was already a part of the company. In a way, Farsight chose me! 

What do you enjoy most about the job?

The people! In marketing I get to talk to absolutely everyone, from colleagues and managers to clients and candidates. I also love that every day is different, one day I might be putting together a newsletter and the next I'm deciding on what competitions we could add on our Facebook page, so there is never a dull moment - consistent madness! 

What do you enjoy most about life?

What's not to enjoy? In my spare time I act in a murder mystery company which I enjoy immensely but my absolutely favourite thing in the world is coming home to my little girl and having her wrap her arms around me.


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