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Jae Hunter

Jae Hunter

Trainee M&E Consultant

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What do you like about the industry?

The construction industry is constantly growing so there is so much potential in it and I have been raised around people who have worked/working in the construction industry, so it was a pretty easy decision.


Why did you choose Farsight?

I chose Farsight because I personally knew a member of the team, which made it an easy decision as we always have a laugh, but also who made it clear how much team gets along and what a fun, hardworking office it is.


What do you enjoy most about the job?

Being able to speak and interact with loads of different people. Also, working as part of an excellent and fun group of people who make the job easier.


What do you enjoy most about life?

I like always doing something that I enjoy, whether that is Sunday league football or a cheeky pint at the pub. As long as I have a laugh, that’s a good day for me.



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