Farsight success

Farsight success

We recently celebrated the end of another successful quarter at Farsight HQ, as usual this meant discussing goals and targets for the following quarter as well as sharing our wins from the past three months.


If you follow our blog you’ll know we always have incentives running that staff can win prizes for at the meeting.


Rules of the game; we have some day to day rules we live by to ensure a happy and harmonious office, one rule a week is selected as a focus point and at the weekly meeting everyone gets the chance to nominate the colleague they feel has best demonstrated this rule. The person with the most votes gets their name in the hat to win a prize at the quarterly meeting. Winner; this quarter Heather took the crown (or bottle of wine).


Above and beyond; only voted for once a month there are only three chances to get your name in the hat before the quarterly meeting. This is for the members of staff to vote for colleagues they feel have gone above and beyond their usual job role. This could be driving someone to work when their car is broken or staying late to help someone else fill in paperwork. Winner; Becky beat the competition for a bottle of wine and some vouchers.


Sales competition; this one is just for the sales team. The rules change slightly every quarter to keep everyone on their toes but a winner is announced every week so there of lots of chances to win. Winner; going for glory, Becky bags a second prize.


There are two more prizes given out at every quarterly meeting, but we don’t leave these ones up to chance. The management team carefully select the winners for each of the follow;


Best sales person; this is a prize to recognise a member of the sales team that has done any of the following – exceeded targets, introduced new clients, made significant improvement to their own performance, turned clients into key accounts etc. Winner; this quarter the worthy winner was Jake for his work over the past three months and how well he is taking to his training


Outstanding employee; this is to celebrate a member of staff who continues to improve every day, works well within the team, goes above their job role regularly and is just awesome in general. Winner; this quarter we are congratulating Heather for her exceptional hard work and awesomeness.


Well done team Farsight for all your hard work and wins last quarter.

Posted 19th June 2018

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