The future of supermarket shopping

In 2014 developers are hoping to progress in to large retail construction schemes in towns across the UK, there are two main channels that are growing within the supermarket sector, digital and convenience.

Morrison’s supermarket have plans in place to have over a 100 ‘M Local’ stores by the end of 2013, and over 200 ‘M Local’ stores by the end of 2015. Plans also include building new full size stores and a rebranding of the existing Morrisons supermarkets.

Another large contender in the market, Tesco has had to review its convenience strategy. In April 2013 they revealed that they were to ditch plans to open more than 100 new major stores within the UK. They have also announced their first fall in profits in 20 years, believed to be due to the economic down turn. Despite this Tesco have 148 projects in progress as we enter 2014, with an approximate value of £914million.

Sainsburys annual sales have cleared nearly 1 billion for the first time ever. Due to this increase in annual sales they have announced that they will be expanding its convenience stores across the whole of the UK. Sainsburys originally operated just under 550 convenience stores but executives of the company are hoping they will be able to double this figure as we enter 2014.

Sainsburys are also following a trend of having a ‘’Dark Store’’.  The interior of dark stores are laid out like supermarkets so that staff are able to essentially shop for digital customers who place their orders online. Tesco have just been given planning permission for another dark store in Abingdon, and most recently Waitrose have announced that is due to build a second dark store in Coulsden.

Here at Farsight we are not in the business of rapid expansion, we believe slow organic growth is the only way to maintain quality standards, we also don’t sell ready meals! We do however insist on two references for all of our guys, ensuring that we provide only the highest quality of trades and labour, to help push your projects on and run smoothly into the New Year.

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Posted 2nd January 2015

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