Londons skyline is changing with plans for 200 new skyscrapers

Londons skyline is changing with plans for 200 new skyscrapers

Londons skyline is changing with plans for 200 new skyscrapers.

London’s skyline could soon rival that of New York with plans underway to build a staggering 270 new skyscrapers!

There are plans for dozens of tower blocks and office buildings for the capital as it undergoes a massive construction boom which could change its face forever.

There are around 70 tall buildings currently under construction, with nearly 200 more planned! This is despite London’s reputation and history as a ‘low-rise’ city with just a few skyscrapers concentrated in small areas. Supporters of the building plans state that they are the only way to deal with the city’s chronic housing shortage.

But critics insist the new tower blocks are being built to serve foreign investors who are likely to leave the buildings empty which will do nothing to ease the problems of ordinary Londoners who face soaring rents and house prices.

Traditionally skyscrapers have been built around The City and Canary Wharf. All but eight of the tower blocks now being built are primarily residential rather than business, and the report claims that they will create 14,800 new homes.

In One Tower Bridge, overlooking the Thames, one-bedroom flats will start at £1.4million, while a studio apartment in Goodman’s Fields, a new development outside the city, costs more than £700,000.

Even in areas far from the centre, the cost of small flats can be at least twice the average house price – a one-bedroom flat in a new tower block in Stratford is being advertised for £370,000.

What are your views on these figures? Would you like to see a new skyline in London or do you agree with critics who say they will only cause more issues for the city?

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Posted 20th August 2015

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