How much did Farsight raise for Padley Group?

How much did Farsight raise for Padley Group?

CEO Tom Dean and Assistant Manager Abby Charleton visited Padley Group last week to present them with a cheque for a whopping £3,864.38.


The recruitment team at Farsight have been campaigning to raise money for homeless charity Padley for the last 12 months. Holding auctions, waxing legs and throwing parties; Farsight have strived to achieve a target of £5,000 to professionally re-decorate the bedrooms and communal rooms in the Padley Centre. You can read about some of the activities here.


At nearly £4,000 Farsight have managed to hit 80% of their ambitious target, and most importantly done their best by Padley.


As a company, Farsight believe every team member should be treated equally, and acknowledge that everyone performs a vital role in the success of the business. The team support various charitable endeavours but focus their efforts on one UK charity each year. In true Farsight style the charity is chosen democratically, with colleagues encouraged to give a short pitch to the team about the charity they feel strongly about. The pitches are given at the company financial year end celebration in August, and votes are casted to decide. Watch this space for the chosen charity for 2016/17.


Last year Padley homeless shelter was the Charity put forward by CEO, Tom Dean. “Taking the time to understand the reasons behind homelessness in the UK really made me want to help with this worsening issue in our society. The Padley Centre do great work and I felt compelled to vouch for them. There’s stiff competition from the team this year so I’m not sure I’ll win the vote this time!”


A special thank you goes to the Assistant Manager, Abby Charleton, who arranged the events and fundraising responsible for the majority of the money raised. She even flung herself 160 feet off a crane for the cause (a sponsored bungee jump). Without Abby, Padley would not have received the money they did, she is a massive credit to the Farsight family.


Pat Zadora, Chairman at Padley stated “We’re very grateful that Farsight have done this for us and we’re really looking forward to getting the centre decorated by local contractors, Bailey construction. The rooms haven’t been touched by professionals for over 5 years!”


Bailey construction were big contributors at the fund raiser, and are looking forward to getting started at Padley.


Padley Group are desperate for local people to come forward and help with volunteering. They are looking for a variety of people; so if you can prepare and serve food, or assist with arts and crafts workshops, or even help out in the shop then please check out their Facebook page and let them know if you can help:

Posted 10th August 2016

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